Friday, April 25, 2008

Mermaid Towels

My friend Trish is soooo talented. She is always making the cutest things. She recently made these adorable mermaid towels for her daughters. The towels she made were even cuter then the ones in this catalog picture. She was kind enough to share the directions on how to make them. Kaylee would love one of these to warm up in at the pool or beach. Wish me luck on this project!

1. Get a smaller sized beach towel. They're $5 or less at K-mart/Wal-mart. You'll need one for the tail and another contrasting one for the fin.
2. You'll also need some bias tape that matches OR contrasts with the "fin" color. (I did one of each because Wal-mart was seriously lacking in variety and amounts. :o) I would recommend the wide, double fold variety. I used some that was narrower, but it was MUCH harder to use. You could also use some wide/extra wide bias tape to make the ties at the top.
3. To do mine, I folded the bottom edges of the pink towel to the middle so it was half the size of the top. If I was doing it again, I would just sew a seam and gather the bottom so it was about half the size. I think it would look a lot better from the back that way.
4. Cut out a fin shape from the contrasting towel. Mark fin lines (V-shaped) with a quilter's pen for a guide and sew over those lines to make a fin pattern.
5. Sew the bias tape around the fin.
6. Pin the fin to the towel and sew together.
7. Sew the other bias tape to the top of the towel to make the ties.

She got the idea from the Chasing Fireflies catalog. She said they have a lot of cute ideas in this catalog. To sign up for it click here. It's free! Thanks for sharing Trish!!!


Helaine said...

Wow! Great idea! Can't wait to surprise my daughter with one of these this summer at the beach! I think I'll make myself one, too! Nothing like Mother/Daughter sharing!