Friday, October 24, 2008

Christmas Wish List Books

We let our kids ask Santa for one gift each year. Santa brings more then one gift but the rest are surprises. My daughter seems to want everything she sees on commercials. Whenever my kids tell me they want something for Christmas then I tell them to go write it down in their wish list book. When it is time to write Santa a letter then they can look through their wish list book and decide what they want the most. They love to write down ideas in their books. They have even cut out pictures from toy magazines and glued the pictures in. I found this idea on PC Crafter's website under their free project ideas section. You can buy some of their cute clip art for these books.

Click HERE to buy the clip art from PC Crafter. It is $4.95 for this set of clipart. If I would have made more then two books I probably would have bought the clip art. I think it is really cute!
I just bought some $1 notebooks from Michael's craft store, glued some scrapbook paper on the cover. Tied some ribbons on and glued on a painted wood present shape. You can buy the painted wooden shapes at Walmart or most craft stores. This was super easy and my kids love them.