Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Cute Halloween Decorating Ideas

My cousin Erika and my sister-in-law Haylee are both very crafty and talented women. They were both kind enough to let me share their cute ideas with you. Enjoy!

My cousin Erika did this! I love how simple and cute this idea is. Erika has A LOT of cute ideas on her craft blog(Little Miss Crafty Pants) click HERE to check it out.

Here are the simple directions if you would like to make your own!
Simply place medium Sized "Pie" pumpkins on candle holders.
(Not the tiny pumpkins )
Wrap raffia around the middle of the pumpkin
Place on the stands

My sister-in-law Haylee did this! All she did was cut bat shapes out of black paper and tape them to the inside of her lamp shade. When she turns the lamp on the bats show through. She said you can't see them when the lamp is off.

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