Thursday, November 13, 2008

Our Dollar System

We have come up with different ideas to try to motivate our children to obey. When they were younger we had a sticker chart that we used. When they filled a whole row with stickers then they were allowed to pick a prize from the treasure box. This worked well when they were younger. However, when they started getting older we realized that we needed to more closely monitor how much time they were spending on the computer, playing video games and watching cartoons. My husband helped me come up with this dollar system.
I bought a couple packages of play money from the dollar store. We let our children each decorate an envelope to keep track of their money in. We keep the money and envelopes on top of our fridge.

The following are ways the children can earn $1:

By making their beds and putting their pajamas away when they wake up
By folding towels or completing other chores we ask them to do
By reading a book or scripture story
By completing two pages in one of their learning books
By being reverent and folding their arms during scripture study
By being quiet after we say 1,2,3 Go! (after they are tucked in bed at night)
For being good at the store (They earn $1 for each store we go to)
By helping with the dinner dishes or setting the table

The following are things they can buy for $1:

One cartoon
15 minutes on the computer
15 minutes playing video games

For $3 they can watch a movie

For $5 they can pick a treat or prize from the treasure box

For $10 they can earn a real dollar, pick a toy from the dollar store, or rent a movie from Red Box (We have a limit of being able to buy only two of these $10 items a week)

We have been using this system for the past several months and it has been working really well for us. It is such a cheap and simple thing to do! The most important part is following through with it. My children are not allowed to turn on the T.V., computer, or video games without asking and paying for it first. Since we have started this they have spent a lot more time reading and playing with toys then they use to. They are always asking me for chores they can do. They are also in the habit of making their beds every morning and they haven't talked after being tucked in bed for months.


Anne said...

I just found your blog (I love it btw)...and my kids are still to young to do this; but you have such great ideas! I'm going to try to save on to this, and use a similar system if that works! thanks!

Jenny at Intentionally Me said...

Great idea!! My kids are older and I think I'm going to tweak your idea a bit for them... middleschool style.

Happy I found your blog, it is fabulous!

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