Monday, December 15, 2008

Hot Chocolate Bar

My friend gave me the idea to make a hot chocolate bar. My kids thought it was fun to create their own hot chocolate creation. This is something we will be doing often at our house during the holidays!

Here is what I served for ours:

Cool whip with crushed candy canes stirred in
mini chocolate chips
miniature marshmallows
cinnamon sprinkles
candy canes dipped in white chocolate ( I think I will just use regular candy canes in the future if serving with the chocolate chips)

My friend said they stir coffee creamers into their hot chocolate. I didn't have any on hand but it is something I am going to have to try.


Haylee said...

Hey cute Jadi! Just looked up "Hot Chocolate Bar" on google, and yours was first to come up! You are always doing such cute things!

Kristalyn (Learning is Messy) said...

love this idea! can i use one of your pics in a post i am writing featuring ideas for an Advent Countdown? i will give you credit and link back to you. please email me at getdownandgetyourhandsdirty at gmail dot com.

jhon said...

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