Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Valentine's Day Ideas from Family Fun

Family Fun is definitely my favorite website. It just seems to keep getting better and better! :) Here are some cute ideas I found on their site under their Valentine's Day section.

From red construction paper, cut out a heart that's just larger than the lollipop candy and glue it to the wrapper. For the leaves, fold the green paper in half and cut out a leaf shape, leaving the two sides attached at the seam. Unfold the double leaf shape, coat the entire inside surface with glue, and fold it back over the lollipop stem, pressing to secure.

Print the template onto card stock, or cut out the template and have your kids trace around it onto colored paper. Cut out the butterfly pattern and spots for the wings. Cut the slots for the candy-stick body. Open the wings and weave the candy stick down into one slit and up through the other. To make the antennae, wind the pipe cleaner tightly around one end of the candy stick so that two equal lengths extend upward and then curl the ends. Finally, decorate your butterfly with the dots and write your message on the back. Click HERE to get the butterfly template from Family Fun's website.

Use a heart shaped cookie cutter to cut heart shapes out of watermelon slices. Poke a bamboo kitchen skewer through each heart, then complete the arrow with an orange tip and tail.

Lightly coat a 10X15-inch baking sheet and set aside. Make the Rice Krispy treats recipe. Click HERE for the recipe. Smooth out the mixture, spreading it to an even thickness. Cut out hearts with a heart shaped cookie cutter and place in bags. Tie bags with ribbon.

You can also make heart shaped sandwiches, pizzas, brownies and cookie bars. Be creative!


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