Saturday, March 7, 2009

St. Patrick's Day Party Games

My friend Jody hosted our preschool St. Patrick's Day party. She did a great job and had a lot of cute ideas.

-She made green cupcakes and let the kids take turns mixing green food coloring into white frosting to make the frosting green.

-She had them play a game where the kids all had to put their hands behind their backs. She had one child close their eyes and then gave another child a gold coin to hide behind their back. Then the child who closed their eyes was allowed to open them and had to guess who was hiding the gold coin behind their back.

-She printed out and colored shamrock coloring pages. She had the kids place them all over her living room. When she played the music the kids were suppose to dance around. When she turned the music off they had to run and find a shamrock picture to stand on.

-She had them paint bananas green.

-She had them sit in a circle and pass a potato when she played music.

-She printed off and colored a picture of a Leprechaun. She wrote all of the kids names on small shamrocks and attached tape to the back of them. She used a scarf to tie around their eyes. They were suppose to stick the shamrocks to the Leprechauns hat.

She also put green food coloring in her milk and toilet water. The kids loved it all!


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