Thursday, September 3, 2009

No Sew Fleece Baby Blankets

The church I belong to recently had an enrichment activity where the women got together one evening to make these no sew fleece baby blankets. The completed blankets will be donated to a hospital to be given out to children. We made these blankets in another ward I was in to give out to families with new babies. These are really easy and they make great gifts. Each blanket will take approximately one hour, depending on how fast you are.

What you will need:

1 yard of fleece
1 pair of sharp scissors
Measuring tape (optional)
One 3"X3" square paper template (optional)

The super EASY directions:

1. Trim selvage (the edge of a fabric that is woven so that it will not fray or ravel) from sides of fabric.

2. Take your 3" square template and lay it on one corner of the fleece. Cut around the template and then proceed to do this for all four corners. (You could fold the fleece in half for this part so you will only have to cut two squares instead of four.

3. Cut 3” long pieces of fringe around the perimeter of the fabric. Each strip of fringe should be 3"X1" wide. (You can lay a tape measure from corner to corner to help you cut evenly)

4. Beginning at a corner, tie a simple knot with each piece of fringe. Pull knots gently to tighten. Pulling too hard may cause stretching or tearing. You can stretch the fleece gently to ease puckers or loosen individual knots if needed.

Gift Idea: Roll the finished blanket up and tie it with a coordinating ribbon. You could also wrap a baby outfit inside of the blanket and then tie a rattle and gift tag to the ribbon.


Andrea said...
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Andrea said...

These are the kind of blankets both my girls have. Our first received hers from a baby shower, it was 2 sided, meaning they made 2 blankets and tied them together when they tied the fringe. It was a bit too big for a little gal, so we untied them from one another and had 2 identical blankets. I would totally recommend this for everyone. Then there is a spare with the beloved is in the wash.

We loved it so much we made a set for our next baby, but this time we left the fringe untied. Those knots feel pretty hard and lumpy for snuggling & sleeping with. Being fleece they don't fray anyway. My baby girl loves to grab a fringe or two to hold while she is sucking her thumb, the fringe is very necessary!

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Erica said...

After making a large one of these for my hubby last year I soon realized everyone in the family needed one! We love them - I just finished making some for my girlies!!!

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