Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Caramel Apple Kit

I recently taught a Super Saturday class at my church. The class was on Gifts in a Jar and other Creative Gift Ideas. I came up with several ideas and recipes. I am planning on sharing them all on this blog. I have been super busy though so I am going to have to post a few at a time for now. I decided to share this one first because it seems fitting for this time of the year.

What you will need:

One small clear paint can (I bought mine at Micheal's for $2.99)
1 package of Kraft caramel bits (package will include 5 popsicle sticks) These are caramel balls that come unwrapped and ready to melt. I found them at Super Walmart.
1/2 package of Wilton chocolate candy melts
1/2 cup chopped nuts, mini M&M's, Mini chocolate chips or other topping of your choice

I put each of the ingredients into ziploc bags and then layered them in the paint can along with the popsicle sticks. I created a simple label that includes the directions. The label will stick to the inside of the paint can without adhesives. I finished it off by tying a ribbon around the paint can. I also tied ribbons around the stems of the apples.

Here are the directions:

Insert a wooden stick into the stem of each apple. Spray
wax paper with cooking spray and set aside. Place caramel
bits and 2 Tbsp. water in a medium microwavable safe bowl.
Microwave on high for 2 minutes; stir until caramel bits
are completely melted. Dip apples into caramel until evenly
coated, spooning caramel over the apples if necessary.
Allow excess caramel to drip off. Scrape bottoms of apples;
place on wax paper. Refrigerate at least one hour. Melt
chocolate candy melts in a microwavable safe bowl for
30 second intervals until melted; stirring in between
each interval. Dip the caramel apples in the chocolate until
evenly coated or drizzle over the tips of apples with a spoon.
Sprinkle with nuts. Let apples set up.

Makes 5 caramel apples