Monday, October 26, 2009

Halloween Treat and Craft Ideas

I was blog hopping this morning and found some cute Halloween ideas. I decided to share them in case any of you were looking for some last minute Halloween ideas too.

I found these cute mousse-filled witches hats on the Taste of Home website. Click HERE to go to their site for the recipe.

I found these cute spider cupcakes on a website called Not Martha via Room Mom 101. Click HERE for more pictures and the directions.

Isn't this a cute way to serve homemade rootbeer? Click HERE to go to The Sisters' Cafe for their homemade rootbeer recipe and directions.

I think this is such a cute but simple idea from Martha Stewart. You could even just use a permanent black marker to draw the faces on the front of the cups. Click HERE to go to her site for the directions.

I love this candy corn dessert idea from Life Is A Banquet. Click HERE to go to her blog for the recipe.

I think this candy corn cupcake idea from I Heart cupcakes is so cute! Click HERE to go to her blog for the tutorial.

I think this would be a fun craft to make with kids. I found this on Kaboose. Click HERE to go to their site for the directions.

This treat bag is also from Kaboose. Click HERE to go to their site for the directions.

I found this cute witches broom treat bag over at Homemaking Honeys. Click HERE to go to their blog for the tutorial.

I have always loved the frozen hand floating in punch idea. This picture is from Click HERE for the directions.


Lacie @ Creative Attempts said...

I love love love the witches hats those have to make it to my table this year!!

Elizabeth Brown said...

I just love this blog. Every time there is a new entry I get so excited because I know it will be so good. I'm in charge of several activities for the women in our church, and I just can't wait to see what you come up with for the holidays. Keep posting!

Andrea said...


Hi! Congratulations for your blog! I'm Andrea, an Italian guy who created and managed a Food&Drink blog.
What do you think about a link exchange? :)

Sorry for my bad English! ;)

Ricette Blog

Mark said...

Such great ideas! Thanks for sharing. Wanted to tell you, too, that you've been given an award over on my blog at Thanks!!

Gifts Philippines said...

Oh! Wish I saw this post earlier. Those ideas was so great! I love it. Thanks for sharing this post and their recipe. I'm been looking for topics as interesting as this. Looking forward to your next post.


Princess Pookie said...

I needed this post about 5 days ago! Total cuteness!;D

Lorie said...

Such fun ideas! It always catches me by surprise when I see my SILs pudding cups on other peoples blogs. It always looks familiar and takes me a second to figure out why!

Domestic Goddess said...

I really like all the treats and crafts you have posted. All are so cute!

Justin said...

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