Monday, November 23, 2009

Thanksgiving Ideas and Printables

Family Fun has a lot of free Thanksgiving printables. Here are a few of my favorites. They also have printable activity sheets, coloring pages, napkin rings, place cards and food labels.

These activity place mats would be a quick and easy way to set up a children's table. You could tie 3-4 crayons together with raffia to go with each place mat. Click HERE to go to Family Fun's website to print these place mats.

Here is another idea from Family Fun. I did something similar last year. The kids all loved creating their own artwork on the table covering. I set out crayons for the kids. I think this turkey marker holder centerpiece is a clever idea.
A Family Fun reader submitted the second picture. They inserted different colored suckers instead of markers.

I found these free printable turkey napkin rings, place cards, table decorations, and cupcake toppers on Click HERE to go to for the napkin rings, place cards and table decoration. Click HERE for the matching cupcake toppers.

Last year I found this cute acorn idea on No Fuss Fabulous. I wanted to use this idea but I couldn't find any acorns. Click HERE to go to No Fuss Fabulous for more pictures, the directions and printables.

You can print these napkin rings, crayon holders, place mats and a centerpiece from Click HERE to go to for these downloads.

I love these cute pilgrim hat cookies from Taste of Home. Click HERE to go to their site for the directions.


Lacie @ Creative Attempts said...

yeay this is exactly what i needed the worksheets will help keep some of the kids entertained. thanks a ton

Sue @ Chocolate Cake Moments said...

Thanks for sharing these great ideas. I really like the crafts and activities that you have chosen. The seem easy, not too time intensive and most importantly cute. (There are so many Thanksgiving craft ideas we've seen that aren't.) I haven't seen squirrels for Thanksgiving before so I learned something new. I really love the paper on the kids' table idea since that will definitely keep my kids occupied. Have a Happy Thanksgiving with your family.

Sue Kirchner

katherinemarie said...

Some SERIOUSLY cute little turkeys!!!!!

sweetjeanette said...

How cute is that!!! Great ideas.

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