Thursday, December 10, 2009

Creative Christmas Gift Ideas for Neighbors and Friends

I put this list together as a handout for my Super Saturday class. These are all ideas I have seen over the years or found online. I am not taking credit for any of them. I just thought I would share them in case you were looking for a creative gift idea. I would love to collect more ideas so please share if you have any! Also, if you would like to share photos of your gift ideas please email them to me at

1- Make some Chex Muddie Buddies or buy a bag of Chex mix and attach a tag that says, "Santa Chex his list twice to see whose been naughty or be good for goodness sake!"

2- Attach a tag to a roll of cookie dough that says, "Here is some extra dough for Christmas!"

3- Attach a tag to a box of popcorn that says, "Just popping by to wish you a Merry Christmas!"

4- Attach a tag to a 2-Liter bottle of sprite that says, "May your holidays be Merry and Sprite!"

5- Attach a tag to a scented candle that says, "We hope you have a SCENTsational Christmas!" or "May your Christmas be Merry and Bright!"

6- Attach a tag to a soup mix that says, "Wishing you a SOUPER holiday season!"

7- Put a sugar cookie mix in a hot pad pocket and tie a cookie cutter to the loop on the hot pad with a ribbon.

8- Put Hershey Kisses in a wire whisk and wrap cellophane around the whisk. Attach a tag that says, "We WHISK you a merry KISSmas and a happy new year!"

9- Attach a tag to a bag of Jolly Ranchers that says, "Have a Holly "Jolly" Christmas!"

10- Attach a tag to a measuring cup filled with a Christmas treat that says, "Wishing you joy beyond measure this holiday season!"

11- Attach a tag to a bottle of sparkling cider that says, "Wishing you a sparkling Holiday season!"

12- Put Hershey Kisses and Hugs in a jar and attach a tag that says, "Holiday Hugs and Kisses to you!"

13- Attach a tag to a plate of homemade goodies that says, "Wishing you a season filled with sweetness!"

14-Attach a tag to a jar of homemade salsa that says, "Here's to add a little spice to your holiday season!"

15- Attach a tag to a cheese grater and a block of cheese that says, "Wishing Grate neighbors a Merry Christmas!"

16- Attach a tag to a jar or box of cocoa mix that says, "Wishing you a warm and wonderful holiday season!"

17- Attach a tag to a bag of pasta that says, "Have a Pasta-tively Merry Christmas!"

18- Attach a tag to a brownie, cookie or soup mix that says, "Whip up this mix for a wonderful holiday mix!"

19- Attach a tag to a plate of fudge (or bottle of homemade fudge sauce) that says, "Fudge a little on the calories and enjoy the holiday season!"

20- Attach a tag to a plate of warm cinnamon rolls that says, "Here's a sweet treat "Rolled" up with warm holiday wishes!"

21- Attach a tag to a bag or jar of seasoning that says, "Hoping your holidays are "spiced" just right!"

22- Attach a tag to a bottle of jam that says, "Hope your holidays are jam packed with cheer!"

23- Attach the following poem to a hot pad stitched together into a cone and filled with candy:

Eat My Treats
And Cut My Stitches
Then Use Me When You
Hold Hot Dishes

24- Attach a tag to an Oven Mitt filled with a package of spaghetti and a jar of spaghetti sauce that says, "We know how hectic the holidays can be with all the Christmas rush and fuss, so relax a bit- Open this mitt, and have some Spaghetti on us!"

Click HERE for cheap neighbor gift ideas from the Tip Junkie.

Click HERE for several creative gift ideas from Mormon Share.

Creations made by Moi shares some creative ideas on her blog as well. Click HERE to go to her blog.


Lacie @ Creative Attempts said...

wow thank you for this fantastic list!!

steffany said...

This is great, Thank you for sharing.

Jeanette said...

What great suggestions to make the gifts so much more special.

Jeanette said...

I would love to link this page to a blog post I am doing next week. Would you let me know if you will let me? Thanks (sorry I did not see an email address on your blog)

Jadi said...


Please feel free to link!

Su said...


I googled looking for ideas like this and found your blog. . I am going to link to your post. I did have one other idea. . give teachers (school, Sunday school, coaches, etc) a candle and attach a card that says, "Thanks for lighting the path for the next generation!"

The Tablescaper said...

Great ideas! I'm definately printing this one out and saving it for next year.

- The Tablescaper

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LENA said...

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Send Gifts said...

Wow great list! Full of ideas! Thanks for sharing :)

shehbaz michael said...

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