Tuesday, January 28, 2020

Valentine's Day Cookie/Cupcake Decorating Party!

 Last year I hosted a Galentine's Day party for the girls in my extended family. It was SO MUCH FUN!!

We frosted and decorated sugar cookies & cupcakes. We dipped strawberries, cake pops & Ritz crackers with PB in chocolate. I also provided a table to make & decorate Valentine's Day cards. I didn't save the printables I used for that party, however, I have created some new ones in case you are interested in hosting your own Galentine's Day or Valentine's Day party! You can purchase the whole kit or just the items you are interested in.

These are cookie and/or cupcake decorating placemats. Each mat is 11" tall by 17" wide. I get my prints done through  UPS. Note, they add a thin white border around their prints. I recommend having them laminated if you are interested in keeping them to use over and over. 

I created these in two versions. The colored plastic knifes sold at the Dollar Tree are the perfect size for the ones with the spot for the knife. If using a different brand with larger knifes you will probably want to go with the placemat that doesn't have a spot for the knife. I used the small plastic condiment cups sold at Costco. I have also seen the cups sold at grocery stores. You could also use baking cup liners. I filled mine with conversation hearts, M&M's, red hots & chocolate chips.

These are the cupcake wrappers and toppers. 

This is the coordinating banner. Print as many copies as you want to make the banner your desired length. I added cut ribbons to mine as shown in the picture above. This banner can also be used alone as a Valentine's Day decoration.

These are the coordinating placecards. Simply write on the names or add them through a photo editing software program.

All of these printable can be purchased through my Etsy Shop, Party Crush Designs.

Friday, January 10, 2020

Valentine's Day Treat Tags

I created a few Valentine's Day treat tags for my Etsy Shop.

This one goes along with small spiral suckers. I purchased mine through Amazon.
 I purchased the strawberry 30 pack ones for $13. (Price as of 1/9/20) They showed up in good condition and tasted good too! They also have other brands and flavors that would work just as well that are a little cheaper. For example, the same brand in bubble gum flavor is $9 and would work.

Here is a link to the ones I purchased: Color Splash Strawerry Suckers  

These sloth tags are each 2.5" wide by 4.2" tall. There are 5 tags on an 11"x8.5" PDF sheet. I tied my tags around individual packages of Chips Ahoy cookies. You could even staple them to bags of M&M's, ring pops or any other treat.

I created these tags to go with a little Valentine's Day gift for the girls I teach at church. 
They are each 3" circles after being punched out with a 3" circle punch. 
They will go with any Valentine's Day gift or treat.

These tags were created for teachers. They can be used for Valentine's Day, their birthday or any day to show them you appreciate them.  Created to go along with a cupcake or the teacher's favorite treat.

All of these tags can be purchased through my Etsy Shop, Party Crush Designs. I am currently running a New Year's Sale through the end of January, 25% off my entire shop.

Wednesday, December 18, 2019

Christmas Gift Tag Ideas

If you are looking for an easy neighbor Christmas gift idea then here is one! Wrapping paper is always on sale after Christmas. Stock up and give them out to your neighbors the following Christmas. If you are interested you can purchase my gift tags from my Etsy Shop, Party Crush Designs.

Another version to go along with wrapping paper or a blanket!

These tags are perfect to dress up any Christmas gift.
 Just punch a hole in the top middle and attach with a cute Christmas ribbon.


These tags are over sized, each 3"x5".
I created them larger so they would stand out and make a statement! 

These tags were created to go along with a bag of 
chocolates or the teacher's favorite treat! Simply cut out and punch
a hole in the top left corner and attach with a cute Christmas ribbon.

Another version of the teacher treat gift tag.

This tag was created to go along with a pair of gloves.
Simply cut out the tags, punch a hole in the top left corners and tie them around  
pairs of gloves with a cute Christmas ribbon.

These tags will go along with any gift!

These tags were created to go along with hot cocoa, socks, gloves or a blanket.

I created them all in black and white so the ribbons could be color coordinated with the gifts. 
You can purchase all of them through my Etsy Shop, Party Crush Designs.

Friday, December 13, 2019


Last year I told everyone in my family to plan for an ugly sweater Christmas party. That way they all had time to look for sweaters and/or find clearance deals in case they didn't already have one. I also told them there was no need to spend money. They could simply dress up a sweater they already had or borrow one. However, EVERYONE got into the spirit of it and went all out. It was so fun to see everyone when they arrived! 

I found this photo backdrop on clearance at Kohl's last year. I couldn't pass it up. I think a photo backdrop is a MUST when hosting an ugly sweater party. Everyone had fun with this and we got some awesome photos! 

We played a couple of Christmas games. For the first one my husband played Christmas songs and the first person to guess the name of the song won a candy bar. After they won a candy bar they were no longer allowed to guess unless they were helping someone else. That way everyone won a candy bar instead of the few same people winning all of them.

For the second game I wrote a bunch of different words that were related to Christmas (including movies and songs) on the back of some Santa hat cards. Everyone took turns giving clues without saying the words on their card. The first person who guessed right got to keep the Santa hat. The person with the most hats at the end of the game won a prize. We played in teams of two so I gave out two prizes.

I passed out ballots and had everyone vote. I then quickly tallied up the votes and awarded the prizes.                                                    
                                                           Prizes were awarded for:

The ugliest sweater, the cutest sweater, the best overall, the most creative, the best hairstyle, the best accessories, and the best footwear. This encouraged them to be creative & gave multiple people a chance to win a prize. It also made for great photos! 

For the Best Overall, the Ugliest Sweater & the Cutest Sweaters I gave $10 Amazon gift cards and let them pick a prize from the prize table. The Most Creative, Best Hairstyle, Best Accessories, & Best Footwear each got $5 and a prize from the prize table. The remaining guest went in order from youngest to oldest until everyone had chosen a prize from the prize table. I thought everyone deserved one for dressing up. 

I also cut out an ugly sweater printable and taped it under a dinner plate. The person who found it won the first prize of the evening.

We had a nice Christmas dinner ( I didn't get photos of that) and then I served a buffet of our families favorite Christmas treats for the refreshments. There were plenty leftover so everyone got to take a plate of treats home with them.

It really was such a fun night. I highly recommend hosting an ugly sweater party!

I have listed the voting & award certificate printables on my Etsy Shop, Party Crush Designs in case you are interested in hosting your own party and would like to purchase them.

I also created these Christmas mug shot photo prop printables. They can be used for photos at Christmas parties or you can use them for your Christmas card photos.