Wednesday, November 26, 2008

A Colorful Thanksgiving

I decided to go with a coloring theme for the kids Thanksgiving table this year.

I bought a roll of postal paper from the dollar store to use for the table cloth. (The kids will be able to color on the table cloth)
I printed off a coloring page, a maze, and a color by number picture, glued them to card stock, punched a hole in the top corners, and tied them together with raffia.
I bought a small glass jar to fill with crayons for the centerpiece and made a turkey out of card stock and googly eyes.
I tied raffia around the napkins and placed a few crayons on each napkin.
I cut out paper pockets out of card stock and glued them to the postal paper for the forks and spoons.
I also made Turkey sugar cookies for each child.

I went with paper and plastic to go along with the casual theme. Plus it will make it easy to throw it all away when they are finished!