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Friday, June 4, 2010

Camping Crafts and Activities for Kids

First of all, thank you for all of your nice comments! I love to read them and appreciate them all.

My kids both love to make crafts so I put together a few craft projects for our family camping trip. I thought I would share them in case any of you were planning a family camping trip this summer.

I wanted to buy t-shirts from the craft store but I ran out of time so I picked up these pillow cases from the Dollar Tree instead.

For this craft project you will need:

Foam paint brushes
Assorted colors of acrylic paint
Pillowcases or t-shirts
Assorted shapes and sizes of leafs

Paint the back side of a leaf. Carefully place the painted side of the leaf on the pillowcase or t-shirt where you want it and press down. Repeat with different leafs and paint colors. Lay on a flat surface to dry.

For this craft project you will need:

Clear contact paper (I bought a roll from the Dollar Tree)
small flowers, leafs, and leaf stems
Card stock cut out into the shape of a butterfly or any other shape you want

I found a pattern for a butterfly online. I traced it onto pink card stock and cut out the inside of the wings. To make the craft lay the butterfly on top of a piece of contact paper sticky side up. Let the kids place flowers and leaves on the inside of the wings. Next have them place leaf stems and flowers on the contact paper for the antennas. Then place another piece of clear contact paper over the top to seal the two pieces of contact paper together. The sticky sides should touch. Cut out around the butterfly leaving a little bit of contact paper around the outside of the butterfly to make it waterproof. Use a small hole punch to make a hole in the top and string some thin ribbon through the hole. Hang the butterfly up and watch it fly around in the wind.

I found these butterfly nets at the Dollar Tree. My kids loved them! They used them to catch frogs, minnows, butterflies and bubbles.

I also found these bug catchers at the Dollar Tree. My kids both loved walking around searching for pet bugs.

Depending on where you live or go camping you might not be near a beach but in case you are here is a cheap and fun souvenir idea.

Our last project was making beach in a jar souvenirs. We collected some sand from the beach and the kids picked out some of their favorite sea shells to place in their jars.

I would love to hear if you have any fun camping craft ideas or activities for kids!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Christmas Craft Ideas for Kids

I saw this idea on My kids both really enjoyed this craft and made several trees.

What you will need:

Heavy green cardstock or cardboard cut into triangles (If using cardboard have the kids paint the triangles green)
A package of sequins
Glitter glue
Foam or other Christmas stickers

After the trees have been decorated clip a clothespin on the bottom of each tree for the tree trunks.

I saw this idea on The shaving cream mixture dries puffy. My kids both enjoyed this craft as well. Here is what you will need:

Heavy blue card stock paper
Shaving Cream
White Elmer's glue
Black and orange card stock for the nose, eyes, hat, and pieces of coal


Mix equal parts of the shaving cream and glue. Mix well. I had the kids draw an outline of a snowman with a pencil first and then gave them foam paint brushes to fill it in with the mixture. Then I cut out black hats and orange noses. I used a hole punch for the eyes and pieces of coal. After the mixture dried they glued on the hat, eyes, pieces of coal and nose. Then they decorated their pictures with markers.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Homemade Paper Lanterns

Decorate with Homemade Paper Lanterns for Chinese New Year

This is a quick and easy craft for kids to make. My kids loved making these. Plus it is a cheap and easy way to decorate for Chinese New Year. We already had everything on hand.

What you will need:

Colored paper, card stock or standard printer paper
glue or stapler

Fold a rectangular piece of paper in half, making a long, thin rectangle. Make a series of cuts (about 10-12) along the fold line. Leave about 1-inch uncut at the edge of the paper. Unfold the paper. Glue or staple the short edges of the paper together. Cut a strip of paper 6 inches long and about 1/2-1 inch wide. Glue or staple the piece of paper across one end of the lantern to make the handle. You can make several lanterns and string them along string or yarn for decorations.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Homemade Valentine's Day Cards

My son was off of school today and we were stuck home due to the weather. To keep my kids busy I let them use pencil and crayon sharpeners to make crayon shavings. We put the crayon shavings between two pieces of wax paper. I put the iron on the lowest setting and placed the wax paper between two sheets of card stock. I ironed until the crayon shavings were melted. I cut two cards out of card stock, traced hearts on the front of them and then cut the hearts out. Then we cut squares out of the wax paper and melted crayon shavings and taped them behind the cut out hearts. You can use green crayon shavings to make shamrocks for St. Patrick's Day or multi-colors to make Easter eggs or Christmas ornaments. You can also cut the wax papers out in any shape and either tape them to a window or hang them from strings in front of windows.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Easy Reindeer Crafts

When it was my turn to teach preschool I had the kids make this reindeer craft. All you have to do is trace and cut out one foot and two hands for each child. Glue the hands under the foot and then glue the foot and hands to a 12X12 piece of card stock paper. Glue on googly eyes and a red pom pom for the nose.

We also made reindeer antler headbands. To make these cut two 11 1/2" X 2" strips of construction paper and size around the child's head. Staple or tape the strips together to make a circle. Then trace and cut out the child's hands on brown card stock. Glue the hands to the inside of the headband.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Snowman Craft

My friend put this cute snowman craft together for our preschool Christmas party. I thought it was a cute idea and wanted to share it.

Here is what she used:

White paper plates for the three snowballs (you could also cut circles out of white card stock)
A triangle cut out of orange paper for the nose
Two large googly eyes
Small circles cut out of black paper for the mouth (to look like coal)
Brown strips cut out of card stock for the arms
Gloves cut out of colored paper
Buttons to decorate the body
Five brads to connect the circles and arms

Thanksgiving Turkey Craft

I helped my daughter make this craft at a Mom's club activity. My daughter had fun making it and it was quick and easy.

To make this craft:

Trace the child's hand on a brown piece of paper and cut it out for the turkey's body. Glue one googly eye on the thumb. Glue a craft feather on each of the four fingers. Use makers to color the beak, wattle, and legs.

Here is the Poem:

This isn't just a turkey
As anyone can see
I made it with my hand
Which is part of me
It comes with lots of love
Especially to say
I hope you have a very
Happy Thanksgiving Day!