Sunday, February 1, 2009

Homemade Paper Lanterns

Decorate with Homemade Paper Lanterns for Chinese New Year

This is a quick and easy craft for kids to make. My kids loved making these. Plus it is a cheap and easy way to decorate for Chinese New Year. We already had everything on hand.

What you will need:

Colored paper, card stock or standard printer paper
glue or stapler

Fold a rectangular piece of paper in half, making a long, thin rectangle. Make a series of cuts (about 10-12) along the fold line. Leave about 1-inch uncut at the edge of the paper. Unfold the paper. Glue or staple the short edges of the paper together. Cut a strip of paper 6 inches long and about 1/2-1 inch wide. Glue or staple the piece of paper across one end of the lantern to make the handle. You can make several lanterns and string them along string or yarn for decorations.