Sunday, January 4, 2009

Froot Loop Necklaces

My friend Angela gave me this simple and fun idea. All you need are long licorice strings and Froot Loops. After the kids finish stringing the Froot Loops on the licorice strings just tie the ends of the licorice together to make a necklace. We have also made bracelets. This is a great activity for rainy days or parties.


emily said...

Here is an idea if your child can not have gluten like mine, Use "candy tree organic, corn candies" have gluten free licorice strings. i have found them at health food stores, "good earth" store if you are in Utah and online at they come in strings as well as in licorice bites and ropes. You can also find gluten free cereal that you can string on them. good luck!

marko said...

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