Saturday, June 13, 2009

Candy Bar Awards

My daughter just graduated from preschool. One of my friends made graduation gowns out of black garbage bags and printed diplomas for the kids. Another one of my friends bought the kids graduation hats from a party supply store, and I put together the candy bar awards. I had a lot going on so instead of creating award certificates in Paint Shop Pro I just printed some off that I found on line and used double sided tape to attach them to card stock. Click HERE to go to DLTK to create and print certificates and awards.

Here is a list of the candy bar awards that I created for the kids. You could probably make up an award out of any candy bar. :)

Snickers Award- For always making us "Snicker"
Smarties Award- For being so "Smart" (I bought a roll of the big smarties)
Sweet Tarts Award- For always being so "Sweet"
Mr. Goodbar Award- For being so "Good"
Skittles Award- For creating colorful artwork
M&M's Award- For being Marvelous & Magnificent
The Three Musketeer's Award- For joining our group and creating the Three Musketeers (We had 5 girls and two boys until the third little boy joined our group)

A few others I thought of were:
The Almond Joy Award- For always being a "Joy" to be around
Mounds- For being "Mounds" of fun
Laffy Taffy- For always making us Laugh