Thursday, September 19, 2019

Over Sized Happy Birthday Sign

I created this engineer print sized (36"x24") Happy Birthday sign printable for my Etsy Shop. It is neutral so it can go with ANY color scheme! The best part is you can use it OVER and OVER.  I would have put it on my fireplace mantel, but my husband was set on putting a TV over it. So my range hood is my best option. Luckily my kitchen is open to my family room so it works. You can add a banner under it or tie balloons next to the sign to dress it up. 

I bought a 36"x 24" thin board from Lowe's and used a thin layer of mod podge to attach the sign. If you use this method go slowly, start from one side and slowly smooth it out a little at a time as you go. Engineer print paper is thin and can wrinkle easy. 

My favorite place to order engineer prints is Alpha Graphics. It only costs me $4 for a 36"x24" black and white print!  

You can purchase the digital printable PDF from my Etsy Shop, Party Crush Designs.

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