Saturday, January 10, 2009

A Drive-In Movie Night

The concession Stand.

Decorating the cars.

Buying the treats and a ticket to the movie.

In their cars ready to watch the movie.

The other night we had a Drive-In movie party. We asked our guests to bring their pillows and blankets. When the kids arrived I gave them markers and let them decorate their cars made out of boxes. I used spray glue to attach postal paper (from the dollar store) to the boxes. I traced and cut out yellow circles for the head lights and glued blue paper plates on the sides for the tires.

I created a concession stand and gave the kids each an envelope with 7 pretend dollars. They had to purchase a movie ticket with one of the dollars and then were able to pick out 6 treats with the remaining money. I had them stand in line and welcomed each child. I tried to play the part. :) They loved it!

At our concession stand I offered:

Soda pop and Capri Suns
Red Vine licorice (2 for $1)
Fun sized Twix
Fun sized M&M's
Fun sized Reese's Cups
Fun sized Kit Kat's
Double Bubble Gum

I went with fun sized candy bars so that the kids could still have a variety of choices with out giving them a sugar high. Everything was $1 including the popcorn and drinks. They were only allowed to pick one of each item.

After they all had their refreshments I had them get into their cars and then went around the room and had them put their tickets in a ticket box. Then I welcomed them to the movie and told them to enjoy the show.