Wednesday, December 30, 2009

A Snowman Themed Party!

When my kids were little I hosted a SNOWMAN themed Christmas party for them and their friends. We made a snowman craft, ate snowman themed treats & watched Frosty the Snowman. (You could also watch Jack Frost or another snowman themed movie/cartoon)  I sent them each home with a snowman soup mix for the party favor.

For the treats I served hot cocoa, SNOWBALLS, STICK ARMS, SNOWMAN NOSES, TOP HATS (snowman hats) and PIECES OF COAL.

SNOWBALLS AKA Powdered Donut Holes

STICK ARMS AKA Pretzel Sticks

SNOWMAN NOSES AKA Mini Carrot Sticks

TOP HATS  or Snowman Hats AKA Fudge striped cookies placed upside down with mini Reese's Peanut Butter Cups on top

PIECES OF COAL AKA Mini Oreo's (regular sized Oreos would work too)

For the craft we decorated snowmen. I set out chocolate chips, pretzel sticks, pom poms, Elmer's glue, & markers. I also cut out the noses and hats for them.

I sent them each home with a snowman soup party favor. You could also make that into another activity and let each child/guest assemble their own Snowman Soup Kit.

For the Snowman Soup Kit you will need:

The printable (Make your own version or purchase mine through my Etsy Shop)
1 hot cocoa packet per kit (Swiss Miss is cheap and works perfect)
1 candy cane or peppermint stick
A few Hershey Kisses (Christmas colored ones look cute)
A small handful of mini marshmallows

Place all of the above contents into a clear treat bag or mug and tie with a cute ribbon.

If you are interested you can purchase Snowman Treat Labels and/or the Snowman Soup Poem Printables from my Etsy Shop, PARTY CRUSH DESIGNS.