Saturday, September 6, 2008

Sunday Planning Hour

I wish I could take credit for this idea but I can't. I read about it in a book called How to be a Joyful Mother of young children by Linda Eyre. I decided to give it a try and I have to admit that I am amazed to see how much more I am able to accomplish on the weeks that I follow through with this. Each Sunday I find one hour where I can be all alone to review the previous week and plan for the following week. I also use this time to write out a grocery list.
On the weeks that I take time to do this I am usually able to get most if not all of it done. I look at my schedule every morning. It helps me to be able to plan accordingly for meals in case meats need to be thawed a few days in advance or doughs need to be made or thawed. Dinner time use to be a stressful time for me because I was always trying to figure out what to make with whatever ingredients I had on hand. Now I know exactly what I am making and it has made dinner time a lot more enjoyable.

The following is an example of what my weekly schedule usually ends up looking like.

Goal for the Month
Learn to adapt when situations arise that are out of my control. It’s OK if everything doesn’t get done! :) Life will go on.

Exercise for 30 minutes on the bike while reading a book
Go grocery shopping for the week
Let the kids help make a treat for Family Home Evening
Chicken in potato baskets, green salad, and fruit for dinner
Kaden’s soccer practice @ 6:00 pm
Have Family Home Evening

Exercise for 30 minutes on the bike while reading a book
Preschool for Kaylee @ 10:00 am
Pick a cleaning card
Work on completing a project from my idea book
Navajo Tacos for dinner

Exercise for 30 minutes on the bike while reading a book
Music Makers Class for Kaylee in Bowie @ 10:00 am
Mutual at the church @ 7:00 pm
White Chicken Chili and corn bread for dinner

Exercise for 30 minutes on the bike while reading a book
Preschool for Kaylee @ 10:00 am
Pick a cleaning card
Try out a new recipe for the kid's cooking class
Fettuccine Alfredo, green salad, and homemade bread sticks for dinner

Exercise for 30 minutes on the bike while reading a book
Wash bedding
Date night with Geoff (Stay home and rent a movie)
Home made pizza and a green salad for dinner

Pick a cleaning card & have the kids help
Kaylee’s art class @ Michael’s @ 10:00 am
Kaden’s soccer game @ noon
Make sure church clothes are washed, ironed, and ready for church the next day
BBQ for dinner

Find one hour of alone time to review the previous week and plan out the upcoming week.
For dinner make a roast, yummy potatoes, a salad, fruit, and vegetable.


Haylee said...

Jadi!! You always amaze me!! I am so impressed with you!! You always have such good ideas!! Thanks for sharing! I will have to come back again!!

Gardner Family said...

Great idea. I do this type of thing for my homeschooling, but I need to plan out life too! Thanks for the tip. I love your site. So inspirational

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