Saturday, February 14, 2009

Candy Bar Bouquet and Candy Bar Cards

Valentine's Day is all about flowers and chocolates right? :) I figured I couldn't go wrong with a candy bar bouquet for my husband.

These are so simple to make. I already had the vase on hand. I trimmed a floral piece of foam to fit in the vase, filled the vase with red shredded filler, taped the candy bars to bamboo skewers and then poked the sharp side of the bamboo skewer down into the foam. I finished it off with a Valentine's Day ribbon. You can make these candy bouquets for birthday presents, Father's Day gifts, or teacher appreciation gifts. Last year I made my husband one using a big Father's Day mug in place of the vase.

I made these for my kids. I cut big hearts out of red posters and taped candy bars on to write a Valentine's Day message. Then I taped a balloon on the heart. I wish I would have gone out sooner to look for the candy bars. I got them the night before and the store I went to didn't have a good variety to choose from. So this is what mine ended up saying:

Dear Kaden (Kaylee),

Thank you for your hugs and "Kisses". We love to hear you "Snicker". You always come through for us when we are in a "Crunch". We love you even when you act like an "Airhead".

Mom and Dad

Our kids LOVED these! I am sure you could make it cuter with different candy bars but that is all I could come up with at the last minute. :)