Saturday, April 25, 2009

A Teddy Bear Picnic

When I found out I was going to be watching my friend's daughters during lunch time I decided to put together a teddy bear picnic for the girls. I already had most everything on hand so it was pretty easy to put together. I checked out some teddy bear themed books from the library to read to the girls during the picnic.
I found a picture of a teddy bear under google images. I used it to create place cards, napkin rings and cupcake toppers. This was quick and easy.

I went the easy route and bought some cupcakes from the grocery store. For the cupcake toppers I used my cricut machine to cut the circles out and then taped them to toothpicks.

I cut teddy bear shapes out of bread with a cookie cutter for the sandwiches. I also served fruit, chips, mini teddy grahams, and lemonade.

After the picnic I took the girls on a bear hunt. They got lucky and found some teddy bears hiding under a tree. I put a little teddy bear and a lip gloss necklace in a bag for each of the girls. I bought the teddy bears on clearance after Valentine's Day. I already had the lip gloss necklaces and bags in my party supply drawer. I love to keep things on hand for last minute occasions like this!

In our play room I set up a table and covered it with blankets to make a bear cave for the girls to play in. I also printed some pictures of a teddy bear having a picnic for them to color. This was a fun afternoon.


Jody said...

Jadi! What a cute idea! Evelyn can't stop talking about it. Her favorite thing in the world is having a picnic. She still can't believe she went on a bear hunt. The girls had so much fun! And they've had such fun putting on puppet shows with their teddy bears. Thank you so much!

Katherine Marie! said...

WHAT FUN!!!! I adore all your ideas--- you have a remarkable ability to make real life a magical place of whimsy and fun. I can't wait to try this theme... I know my kiddos will love every minute of it... mama will love every minute of it too. Thank you for sharing. :) :) said...

This is SO CUTE! What a fun idea, I'll be linking.

Bonny said...

I think you officially get the "World's Best Babysitter" award!

Leslie said...

I recently found your blog, and I love this idea, seriously so cute!! I have 2 girls and they would love this.

Kathryn Lang said...

Great idea for a girl party. We did something similar for a boy only with LOTS of animals. We had a safari. The sandwiches were also animal cutouts and we placed giant cut outs (using appliance boxes) around the yard for the boys to hunt. They made binoculars from toilet paper rolls and telescopes from paper towel rolls.