Sunday, November 8, 2009

A Star Wars Birthday Party

The reason I haven't been posting lately is because my mom has been in town visiting. I was also working on this birthday party and a baptism. I am hoping to find more time to blog in the next few weeks. For now I thought I would share my son's Star Wars birthday party. I had a lot of fun planning this.

Here is a copy of the birthday invitations that I made. I erased our address and personal info.

Here is picture of the Jedi's at the beginning of the party. About an hour and a half before the party I told my mom that I wanted to make Jedi uniforms for the kids but had ran out of time. I wanted to make them out of brown material and use ropes to tie them on. Since we were short on time and couldn't make it to the fabric store she came up with an idea to make the uniforms out of brown paper bags. We had to use leftover green duct tape to hold them on since we didn't have any rope on hand. The grocery store I shop at gave us the paper bags for free.

When the guests arrived we gave them a Jedi uniform and a homemade light saber. We let them run around outside and chase each other around until all of the guests had arrived. They all LOVED it and nobody got hurt! I bought foam insulation tubes from the hardware store. They were $1.27 each. I cut each piece in half and wrapped green duct tape (from Micheal's)around the ends for the handles and then hot glued a white foam sticker on for the power button. This was super cheap and easy and they were a big hit with the kids.

For the first game I had printed a bunch of star wars character masks on white card stock. I cut them out and taped them to craft sticks. I blindfolded one child at a time and handed them a mask to hold up. The other children had to give them clues without saying the name of the character. If they guessed who they were then they won a prize. They were all able to guess their characters and had fun giving clues to the others. Click HERE to go to for the printable masks.

The second game we played was kind of a Star Wars version of pin the tail on the donkey. I blindfolded each child and gave them a sticker. There were several ships on the poster. Each ship had a different amount of points. The kids who got the highest amount of points won a bigger prize. The others won a smaller prize.

The third game was Star Wars picture bingo. The Executive Homemaker shares a free printable Star Wars bingo game. Click HERE to go to her site for the game. The prizes were punch balls, mini play dough conatainers, bubbles, and mini candy bars.

We made a Death Star pinata. I found instructions to make this pinata on Click HERE for the directions. I used a punch ball instead of a balloon. After the paper mache dried we sprayed it with silver spray paint, taped off a pattern with blue painters tape and then mixed blue and silver glitter glue to paint over all of the pinata. When the glitter glue dried we peeled off the painters tape. This was a fun project to work on as a family. It took 3-4 days to work on because you have to wait for one coat of the paper mache to dry before you can start the next one. I would suggest at least 3 coats of paper mache.

Here is a picture of the table and place settings. I bought the plates, cups, cupcake holders, sticker game, birthday banner, and mural from I bought a black plastic tablecloth and napkins from Walmart and the silver and black balloons from the Dollar Tree.

For dinner we served Galactic Pizza and Yoda Sodas. For the Yoda Sodas we poured sprite over a scoop of lime sherbet.

Towards the end of the party I had the kids pair up to practice their light saber skills. After they had all taken turns practicing their Jedi skills Darth Vader showed up. Each Jedi got a turn to fight Darth Vader.

After they all had individual turns fighting Darth Vader they teamed up to finished him off. :)

I think this was the highlight of the party.

Each guest took home a bag with an activity/sticker book, their mask, a party blower, their prizes from the games and their pinata candy.