Thursday, June 17, 2010

Summer Pool Party

We had a pool party to celebrate the last day of school and the beginning of summer.

I had a lot of fun planning this party.

I used gel food coloring to match the cupcake frosting colors to the party favors.

I found these napkins at Micheal's. I cut out 4" strips of paper and attached them into rings with double sided adhesive. I found a pool party themed sticker book at Micheal's for $1. I put a sticker on each of the paper rings and then slid a rolled up napkin and spoon into each paper ring.

I found these at the Dollar Tree. They were filled with candy fish and came with a squeeze n' squirt water toy. I loved how bright they were and thought they would make perfect party favors. I attached a tag with a ribbon to each one that said, "Have a fun summer!"

We had a rubber duck race. The kids had to get their rubber duck to the other side of the pool by nudging the duck with their nose.

We also played a water relay game. The first player of each team had to pass the sponge to the back of their line. The last person had to soak the sponge in the water and then pass it back to the front of the line. The first person in line had to ring out the water into the bucket. The team with the most water in their bucket when I called time won a prize.

These temporary tattoos were a big hit with the kids. I had dinosaurs for the boys and glittery ones for the girls. I found them at the Dollar Tree.

We had a popsicle eating contest. I gave each contestant half of a popsicle. Whoever finished eating all of their popsicle first won. The prize was a pool/water toy.

For dessert we had ice cream sundaes, brownies, and cupcakes. It was a fun day!