Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Summer Art Classes and Show

This summer I hosted a weekly arts and crafts day for my kids and their friends.
Each week I set out enough art supplies for the kids to make 2-3 projects. Some of the kids chose to make one project and others wanted to make them all. I also provided a treat for them each week. We had snow cones, ice cream sundaes, cookies, brownies, ect. It ended up being a lot of fun and something the kids looked forward to each week. At the end of of the summer I hosted an art show for the kids to show off their artwork.

On the day of the art show I hung the art work up throughout the first floor of my home. Here are some close ups of the projects we made. The girls decorated paper flowers and I created a 8X10 picture collage of the featured artists. The kids thought it was fun to see their picture.

I had a jumbo watercolor paper pad. The kids were creative and enjoyed creating their own masterpieces with watercolors.

These tin foil paintings were fun. I wrapped and taped a piece of tin foil to the back of card stock sheets. I made sure the kids all had aprons for this project. We used bright colored acrylic paint and foam paint brushes.

I found a set of cutout bugs on colored card stock at the craft store. The kids had fun being creative and making them unique. :) They used glitter, markers, pipe cleaners, pom poms and googly eyes to decorate them.

I cut strips of colored paper out for this rolled paper art project. The kids rolled the paper tightly around small wooden dowels or pencils. Then they glued them to a piece of card stock to make a design.

I found a pattern for the rainbow fish online. The kids used watercolors to paint the fish and then glued on some glitter and a googly eye. I had them glue the fish to colored paper, if I was to do it again I would have them glue the fish to card stock.

For this project I set out colored beans, froot loops and noodles. I told the kids to draw a picture and then trace it with glue. Then they covered the glue with the beans, cereal and noodles.

This was a popular project. The kids all enjoyed painting these. Aprons were a must for this project as well.

I found a pack of 20 of these sheets at Target. The kit came with sticks and stencils. The kids used the sticks to scratch a design onto the paper. This was another favorite project.
For the refreshments I served chocolate chip cookies, pudding sugar cookies, brownies, cupcakes and lemonade.

Because it was an open house I wasn't able to get a pictures of all of the kids together at the same time.

Here are some of the other artists. The kids all had fun and I enjoyed visiting with my neighbors and friends.